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I need the answer to the question after the article:

In their article, “Business Model Innovation in Practice,” Euchner and Ganguly (2014) present a sensible process for implementing changes within an organization in a manner as to ensure their ready adoption and success. Their system consists of five steps: demonstrating value creation, generating business model options, identifying the risks for each opinion rendered, prioritizing the risks, and reducing the risks through business experiments (Euchner & Ganguly, 2014). The process reflects a type of methodological proactivity that leaders can appreciate. Intense planning is reflected in the intentional methodology behind each phase. Organizing goes in lockstep with planning, especially in steps three and four, where data must be compiled and assessed risks. Leading and controlling can be heavily leveraged throughout this process; while it minimizes resistance, it does not entirely eradicate it; so the influence of a strong leader on employees could make all the difference in the innovation’s success.

Euchner, J., & Ganguly, A. (2014). Business Model Innovation in Practice. Research-Technology Management, 57(6), 33–39.


My question back to the class is how does this approach account for cross-departmental challenges, Sometimes a change is necessary, but it requires other areas to change to accommodate the new process.


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