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Clinical: State Health Improvement Program- Obesity and Tobacco Prevention ProgramPurpose: Students will be able to describe population health issues such as obesity and tobacco use. Students will identify strategies at the individual/family, community and systems level for a comprehensive community health plan.Directions: As part of your clinical experience you will explore the Statewide Health Improvement Program that focuses on policy, systems, and environmental changes as an evidenced-based approach to the population-based issues of obesity and tobacco use.1.) Explore the MN Department of Health Website about the State Health Improvement Partnership. Read the SHIP fact sheets and explore 2-3 science-based strategies. Minnesota Department of Health State Health Improvement Program 2.) Review examples in the MN State Health Improvement Partnership 2018- 2019 Report to the Legislature, beginning on page 29. Select one local community site participating in this program and identify an evidence-informed policy, program, or system’s change that is being used.  3.) Then submit 300-600 words with the following: 

  • Describe in a paragraph one of the strategies that you identified at the community level of practice. 
  • Then, describe a different strategy at the system’s level of practice, and explain in one paragraph why this strategy is a more effective way to impact population health than requiring change from every single individual in the community


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