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These notes will consist of the following:

-Two (2) quotes/passages from the reading that will be used for discussion in class.

-Analyze each quote: Why did you choose the quote? How is it important?

-One question you have for the class (which means that you will have an answer for this question that you will share with the class after we have discussed and attempted to answer the question you present to us).

-One question that you have for the professor regarding the reading that you need to be answered.

-One short, informal reflective paragraph on the reading for the week.

Answer each of the following question below individually.

1. How does one achieve tranquility of mind according to Seneca?

2. Who is Dido and why was she abandoned?

3. How does Juvenal see women?

Answer question below:

The Romans, in many ways, are a continuation of Greek Culture.  In fact, the Romans adopted (some contemporary people would say appropriated) much of Greek culture, such as Greek Gods (only changing their names) and the Greek focus on logic/debate.  However, the Romans also had cultural traits that were entirely their own.  So what we have in the Roman Empire is a synthesis of 2 cultures.  

What aspects of Greek culture do you see in the Romans and what elements of Roman society is completely Roman?

Finally, what are your thoughts on The Roman adoption (or appropriation) of elements of Greek civilization?


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