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For whichever film you chose to watch from the list for this unit (in the content folder), create a gallery of what works best in that film’s production design: set, costume, props, hair and makeup, props, lighting, and color. Include all of them. You should have 20 images with descriptions. Spread the 20 out pretty evenly among all the subtopics.

This can be done in Powerpoint. Be sure to include descriptions of the images, and credit the designer (students often skip the descriptions and credits and it does have a negative effect on the grade, automatic -10). There is a sample at the end of the PowerPoint.

Include links to the sources you’re using to research. There’s an example on the final PowerPoint slide with photos of the set models for The Grand Budapest Hotel, it has research links as well so that you can see what I mean.

Be sure the images you use are actually from the movie. For example, in Memoirs of a Geisha, there are many images of geisha makeup on the web, but most aren’t from the movie.

You may not do a gallery for any of the films in my PPT.

Finally, when you upload this in the assignment folder, please include a 150-word critique of the film you watched and made the gallery for. Assess its production design: what do you learn about the world of the film and its characters by the colors, costume, lighting, set, set dressing, props?  What was your emotional and intellectual response to the film? For ALICE IN WONDERLAND


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