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Write a 10 pages paper on marketing strategy of uks leading provider of mobile phones and broadband. Even though O2 enjoys a leading positions are cell phone and broadband provider, it still needs to update its policies in order to remain ahead of the competition. Due to favourable policies towards the telecommunication sector in UK, competition has grown strong and diverse in the country. This research attempts to explore the current marketing strategy of O2 and find issues with these strategies in order to develop improved strategies for the company.

Importance of the Research

This research is particularly helpful in creating an understanding for the marketing strategies of O2 and how it managed to develop such a strong customer base and reach. This research will help students of marketing in understanding the practical implications of the theories and concepts that they learned in the course as applied to a real case example.

This research would also be helpful for not just students but also business leaders. It would particularly help O2 as it would not just summarize their current marketing direction but also provide solutions for future directions based on the feedback and information provided by current and potential users of the company. This research would also be helpful for the competitors of O2 in order to analyze the competitor landscape and to understand why O2 is progressing as one of the largest telecommunication companies in UK.


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