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Create a 1 page page paper that discusses university applying letter aimed at ancient history and archaeology. &nbsp.I have engaged in numerous activities, all of which have built and transformed my personality, character, and interests in life. Among the most notable are: sporting, teaching, social work, investing, and leadership. My awards in games and sports cut across regional, national, and international borders. In teaching, I have interacted and worked with young students and teaching staffs. The social work aspect relates to taking care of my autistic brother for the better part of my life, an activity that motivates me even more so that I can reach out to the broader community.

Through this course, I will be in a better position to explore cultural diversity as it relates to ancient time and ancient people. In this respect, my activities and experiences in life have exacerbated my quest for knowledge. I am currently studying A-Level Psychology and Business (Double Major), but this has not limited my interest in other topics and subjects due to the need for further diversified knowledge. My next ambitious plan is to volunteer abroad in order to explore, experience and exploit wonders that the world has to offer. In conclusion, joining UCAS University will offer an invaluable opportunity to advance my knowledge and skills, interact socially and academically with different persons, and provide a favorable ground for personal growth and development.


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