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I am working on my individual portion of a group assignment. I have to create 3-5 power point slides and accompanying notes pages for each of the 2 selections. Each notes page must be 150-200 words. (Total notes/writing 1050-2000 words). I am looking for the detail/information to be included in the notes pages which will be a word document. From there I can complete the PPT slides. This course is called Project Planning, Execution and Closure at Colorado Technical University. 

  1. Project Communication (to be developed by individual)Describe the system that will be used throughout the project for recording and sharing project information related to schedule, budget, utilization, and status components. What is an example of a communication system?Describe the tools and techniques you will use to capture and report metrics. Describe the frequency with which the metrics will be captured and how the resulting analysis will be applied and communicated. 
  2. Project Human Resource (to be developed by individual)Describe the roles and responsibilities that need to be filled on the project. Give a rationale for the staff for the project, assign roles, and describe staff involvement with each major deliverable. Decide if you will use vendors to supplement the team, and ascertain their roles and responsibilities as well as your rationale for making the decision. Describe how staffing changes will be identified, escalated, and resolved.


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