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How Social Security interacts with the Criminal Justice System? How does Social Security have an impact on the criminal justice system? How would Social Security impact the criminal justice system in the future?I need scholarly journal articles. I have searched JStor, ERIC, ProQuest, EBSCOHost, Wilson, and a few other databases. I am stuck as to how the Social Security program interacts and impacts the Criminal Justice System. This is part of a Research Paper that I have to write. I am also needing a thesis statement in which I am struggling with. I can include the instructions as well.Need a Thesis Statement idea for the following. I am not looking anything on this but the Thesis Statement.Social Security is my topic of Research. Here is what the Research Paper is about.A detailed history of the creation of Social Security. A presentation of the mission statement of the Social Security.Financial reports/summaries of the operations of the social agency.A critical analysis of the effectiveness of Social Security which includes, but is not limited to: details on how Social Security interacts with the Criminal Justice System, the services provided, the training of critical personnel, and the motivation of the agency to provide services.Commentary on ways in which Social Security could improve its effectiveness towards its social goals.A prediction concerning the future of Social Security and its impact on the criminal justice system.

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