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Complete 18 pages APA formatted article: Singapore Airlines Limited (SIA). It is conclusive to state that although some companies adopt various leadership styles due to other factors such as incompetence, the main determinant of an organization’s leadership is its desired organizational effectiveness. However, it is important to note that leadership is also affected by other factors such as personality, attitude, and beliefs. The core task of leadership in an organization is to establish, develop and sustain an effective organizational culture. Organizational culture refers to the beliefs, feelings, and values of the organization’s personnel. Effective leadership should steer an organizational culture, positively promoting team dynamics, motivation and commitment to the organization’s operations. Organizational leadership plays a significant role in enhancing job satisfaction in an organization’s workforce.

According to Quinn and Rohrbaugh, job satisfaction translates into organizational effectiveness. This is because job satisfaction optimizes the productivity of an organization’s workforce. Although there are other parameters that are used to assess organizational performance, the main factor of consideration is productivity. Organizational performance is based on set goals and objectives which are mainly based on the organization’s productivity. Organizational effectiveness is realized through role modeling and strong service organizational leadership.


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