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Marketing plan: Topic of marketing plan is called EMERG-NC , an emergency notified calling. This is an emergency app that will tell you all healthcare facilities near you that will treat you most efficient and effectively based on the symptoms and health history you provided the app with.

In your topic you should describe the complexities, key situation, analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.  Document your sources carefully using APA style with a reference page as the last page.  No more than 20 pages, No less than 10 pages.  Use of graphs and other visual analysis is highly encouraged. Font Size 12, Times New Roman Font and double spaced. Margins 1” all around and must be margin “justified.”  You must document a reference page of texts, web sites, and other sources you researched and cite them, even if you did not use them. Therefore, articles from which you read you should document anyway for inclusion in this reference list. You may only reference from your textbook, academic journals which can be accessed through the college on-line library or in some cases Google Scholar.  You must have a header with your last name, the semester and year on the top right. The bottom center must have page numbers.  On the front cover should read the name of your report in capital letters in bold, your name, the course, the school, the semester and year and the professor’s name. Page numbers should begin on the first page of your writing and not the title page.  


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