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I need some assistance with these assignment. on employee motivation Thank you in advance for the help! The company also registers direct buying from Harry Winston Diamond Cooperation. Using both of these strategies, the company prides itself with the capacity to offer a continuous supply of diamonds meeting customer expectations in both quality and quantity because it has an unending supply to resources (Doyle, 2005). The company makes efforts of ensuring that artisans working in the factories in different regions are outstanding skills, hence can produce quality jewelry that meets the customer expectations in a modernized world such as the US market. An effective management of the factories ensures that, innovation is adopted as a central strategy of producing jewels that excites the buyers. In a bid to ensure business success, the company utilizes different strategies of gaining familiarity with the preferences of its customers. This is a good strategy because customer opinion is a critical determinant of the desired product. After my posting in the new position in the company, I took time to analyze the level of management and leadership styles applied in the organization (Fargus, 2000).

One of the outstanding observations made was the fact that there was a remarkably poor communication between the employees as they performed their daily activities. The first week of my assignment involved a close monitoring of the internal operations of the company.


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