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Socialization is a key idea in Sociology. It describes how we learn the culture of our society, subculture and group. Chapter 5 of the textbook provides several theories and many concepts and terms about socialization. To help you better understand these theories and terms, I want you to join in the discussion on this board. By the deadline posted, I would like you to post on this board a story from your life, or someone you know, or a news story from the internet that describes socialization. As you tell the story, use at least two terms from the chapter to help describe the socialization. For example, I might talk about how when I was a child that there were a lot of spy TV shows on, such as Mission Impossible, Get Smart, I Spy, etc. and that in the “play stage” I liked playing spy, but that this also evolved into the “game stage” as I learned that not only could I put on an overcoat to pretend to be a spy, but that as I played “spy vs. spy” with my friends or family members, I needed to hide from my friends as we played, so that they wouldn’t know I was spying on them, and to anticipate them spying on me as well. I began to learn the rules of the game, and to anticipate what others might do, and how they might respond to what I do.There’s a lot in this chapter, so find something that interests you. Also remember to protect people’s identity and dignity in your posts. (Also remember that socialization is NOT the same thing as socializing or being social!!)


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