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In previous discussion you selected and described the case for your Ethical Dilemma Project. This week you are to identify the ethical dilemma(s) in the case you chose and apply ethical theory to analyze and resolve the problem(s) you identified in the case.

Ethical Dilemma

What is the main ethical conflict or problem? Describe the key ethical dilemma in a few sentences.

Application of Ethical Theory

  • Use three ethical theories (Kant’s deontological theory, John Stuart Mill’s teleological theory/utilitarianism/consequentialism, Aristotle’s virtue-based approach, John Rawl’s theory of justice, or your own theory) to analyze and resolve the problem. How would each ethicist explain the ethical problem and resolve it? Use headings to identify each ethical theory and develop each one in one or more paragraphs.
  • As a conclusion, select the ethical theory you believe provides the best solution to this ethical dilemma and explain why it is better than the other ethical theories you considered.

Elements of an effective response:

  • Describes the key ethical dilemma clearly and concisely
  • Discusses three ethical theories in relationship to the case
  • Identifies the theory best suited to resolving the ethical dilemma
  • Refers to the textbook to show knowledge of ethical theories
  • Is at least 500 words in length

Remember to use the template provided and submit your assignment.


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