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Write 1 page thesis on the topic high noon. Movie Review High Noon In the film High Noon, the character Marshall of Haleyville was being acted by Will Kane. The Marshall wore a tin star in order to show his loyalty and solidarity towards protecting the town from the villain called Frank Miller together with his posse. Miller felt indebted to protect the town after Miller was released from prison and was seeking revenge. In as much as he had good intentions, none of the town’s people wanted to support him with his motive. He struggled alone and killed Miller plus got rid of the posse. After becoming victorious and the town’s people came to congratulate him, the Marshall threw away the tin star. It did not serve any meaning to him as the town’s people were not loyal too.


In the unforgiven, in analyzing the spoken words above, it is Little Bill who is referred to as Speaker 1 and Will Munny as speaker 2. Little Bill in the film represents an efficient though brutal order in place. Bill tells Will that he does not deserve to die because he was building a house. Bill considers his act as one that will protect civilization and build more life. On the contrary, Will does not see Bill’s project as contributing anything as he had come to get revenge for a friend. In a town that was sadistic and extremely violent, Bill tries to keep it safe, though guys like Will make it unsafe by trying to kill the very people who are building its foundation.


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