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I will pay for the following article Energy Supply Sustainability in Arizona State. The work is to be 7 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. The controversy around sustainability often lies within the evolution of its contours, due to the disregard of analysing the consequences of current actions to future levels of efficiency. As such, what seems sustainable today ends up unsustainable in the future. The supply of energy has a vital role in the growth and efficient operation of the state of Arizona, and sustainability of the resource is vital for continued growth and operations. Energy is vital since it is utilized in transportation, manufacturing and in almost every household in the entire world, and by extension, in Arizona and the entire USA. However, the dependence on the various sources of energy is continually growing as the population in Arizona rises, and people need to maintain and enhance their lifestyles. Important energy sources used include water and electricity, which have come under increased pressure with the advent of population increase which has heightened the demand for these resources and other energy reserves. The increased use of energy has created sustainability issues to do with the environment, safety, health, and resources. Questions are increasingly raised whether these resources will be able to withstand the pressure in the long run and serve the needs of future Arizonian residents.


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