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Aspects of Occupational Therapy

Aspects of Occupational Therapy

  1. An interview was carried out on Joe Reagan, who is an occupational therapist working with Select Physical Therapy in Pensacola. He starts by differentiating the role of an occupational therapist and that of a physical therapist. He asserts that an occupational therapist works with upper extremity and functional based tasks to achieve goals. A physical therapist achieves their goals by utilizing exercise based treatment programs to achieve the same means. A typical day for him comprises of evaluating and treating patients for instance if he gets an arthritis patient who has had a joint replacement on the thumb. He would first evaluate what the doctor has written about the patient on his script and make a splint for the patient. He would then have the patient engage in an active range of programs, and then finally undertake a strengthening program as directed by the doctor. He advises that anybody who wants to venture into occupational therapy need to consider getting to masters and D. levels. At the undergraduate stage, it is better to take a science degree that focuses on human anatomy. This ensures that one is correctly exposed on the functionality of body organs.Aspects of Occupational TherapyJoe recognizes that there are so many avenues to pursue as an Occupational Therapist. His focus currently is in the sphere of areas of practice where mostly he deals with patients who have shoulder and hand injuries in a medical setup. He asserts that other spheres of occupational therapy can be explored these being administration and levels of care. In administration, an occupational therapy could get into management of institutions that offer these services. In the levels of care sphere, occupational therapists can venture into residential care and ensure their patients heal, in the long run (O’Brien, 2012).
  1. (Video link:

The video highlights keys features of the functions carried out by Lindsey Mong, who is an occupational therapy assistant. The video captures two spheres in occupational therapy careers that are administration and levels of care. In the video, Lindsey Mong works at Riverwoods facility which is a senior living community of Albright Care Services.  She works with acute care, under the sphere of levels of care.  Residents only stay there for a week or a month, and she works on strengthening, kitchen mobility and lessons on adaptive mobility. In the video, one of her patients is shown depicting what her daily routine is and how she strives to ensure the patient adapts well to the treatment.   Her patient is called Mary who has degenerative joint disease and has had a total hip replacement. Lindsey’s goal focuses on activities of daily living to ensure that patients can take care of themselves again with the assistance of adaptive equipment. Mary asserts that Lindsey has built up her morale and confidence that she can handle herself when she goes home. Occupational therapists evaluate their patients stating their abilities, then creating a treatment plan and goals. An occupational therapist assistant then implements the plans with an aim to ensure that the patients can meet their goals.Aspects of Occupational Therapy


Another sphere that is addressed in this video is administration through the character of Leslie Jackson who works for American Occupational Therapy Association. She is in charge of setting standards in the field and ensuring the profession is client centered. She is passionate about the field and insists that occupational therapists need not be sympathetic but view their patients as a whole person who is capable of healing completely.

 Response to classmate: Thank you, Jacob for that post. I viewed the video, and it was incredible to see the various fields an occupational therapist can venture into. Of particular interest to me was special equipment utilized in the video. Innovation and creativity are indeed critical to the success of occupational therapy.


O’Brien, J. C.-C.-C. (2012). Introduction to Occupational Therapy. St. Louis: Elsevier/Mosb. Aspects of Occupational Therapy



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