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Applied Sciences homework help

Applied Sciences homework help. Department of English
Essay 5 and Practice Exit Examination for English 1301
Examination Prompt #1:
Explain why you do or do not favor the enforcement of a mandatory retirement age so that more job opportunities can be created for young people.
Your final examination requires you to compose a five-paragraph persuasive essay (approximately 400-600 words), responding to the prompt above and demonstrating your efficiency as a college writer at the English 1301 level.
An evaluation of your performance by departmental faculty will entail the following expectations:
1.) That your grammar, syntax, punctuation, spelling, and word-choice are reasonably sound. Moreover, you will be expected to follow the instructions of this persuasive prompt exactly as stated.
2.) That you can demonstrate the ability to organize (design) your content in an appealing manner. The introduction of your paper must contain a clear and apt thesis statement as the last sentence of the paragraph. The analytical body of your paper must contain three topical paragraphs, each of which features a uniquely worded and purposeful topic sentence at the beginning of each paragraph. Each topical paragraph must contain ample evidence/ arguments/ examples, supporting the topic sentence. The conclusion of your paper should be written in such a manner as to reconnect the reader’s attention with the controlling idea expressed in the thesis statement.
3.) That you can give reasonable evidence of your ability to think critically as well as creatively about the topic on which you write. Thus, you will be expected to formulate a discussion which compels the reader’s interest and engages in positive ways his (her) intellectual response.
4.) That you are able to formulate an appropriate title for your essay, one that functions as an informative or instructive guide to your reader as to the controlling idea within your paper.
Formatting (and other) Instructions and Guidelines:
• Use font #12 for the purpose of ease in reading.
• Double space your manuscript.
• Center your title and capitalize its keys words.
• Indent your paragraphs, using the Tab key.
• All ideas should be completely your own.
• Do not use the word “you” in writing the essay.
• You may make use of spelling and grammar checking tools available to you.
• You may use a dictionary and/or a thesaurus during the exam.
• You may not bring into the examination area any previously written materials.
• You may not access the Internet for any reason.
• You have only one hour and twenty minutes to complete your final, including time for editing.
• Save your essay to the desktop (as a .docx document) while writing.
• Upload your paper to eCampus to the Essay 5 draft link under DB.
Milestone Dates for Essay 5:
Thursday, 30 April: Review essay 5 / practice final assignment.
Tuesday, 5 May: Post E5 thesis to DB labeled for this purpose by 6:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 5 May: Provide feedback to at least 3 peers by 11:59 tonight. Be sure to use the PRG questions!!
Thursday, 7 May: Post essay 5 draft to DB by 6:00 p.m.
Thursday, 7 May: PRG on 3 peers’ drafts by 11:59 p.m. Be sure to use the PRG form and provide a marked up draft back to the writer!
Tuesday, 12 May: Essay 5 final draft due to by 11:59 p.m. The link will disappear at the deadline, as this is the last class day, and late work will not be evaluated.
Final exam: Tuesday, 5 May. Your final, which will look like this one, but will be on a different topic, must be completed with your approved proctor and submitted no later than 7:30 p.m. Please note that this document is NOT the final exam! Late posts will not be evaluated, which will lead to retaking the course. Please do not push the deadline!

Applied Sciences homework help


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