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Anti-social Personality Disorder Essay

Anti-social Personality Disorder Essay

Assignment (read carefully): please select one of the disorders we learned about in class and read up about the treatment methods and effectiveness of the treatment methods for that disorder. You can use only textbooks or peer-reviewed published studies as sources and references. The report needs to be supported by in-text citations and respective references, it needs to be brief yet comprehensive, well-structured and accurate. Anything that comes from the “internet” or some popular psychology website will not be accepted. Copy-pasting from the textbook will not be accepted. Only high-quality reports will be considered. This is optional and for extra credit (for a maximum of 5 points). Anti-social Personality Disorder Essay


Anti-social personality disorder

Some individuals appear to have no respect for their colleagues and can do anything to their loved ones without remorse. When such behaviors are persistent, individuals can have an anti-social personality disorder.

According to recent studies, scholars believe that genetics play an essential role in the development of anti-social personality disorder in a person. Children born of parents with a history of the condition have a higher likelihood of suffering from the disease (Schlesinger 17). Besides, youngsters who have attention deficit disorder before the age of ten have a higher probability of suffering from anti-social personality disorder during adulthood.

An anti-social personality disorder is associated with signs and symptoms such as acting impulsively and engaging in assaultive behavior (Schlesinger 18). For instance, a manager suffering from the condition can fire employees for no reason, which can affect their living standards.Anti-social Personality Disorder Essay

For individuals to qualify for diagnosis of anti-social personality disorder, they must be of eighteen years of age. Thewarnings sign of anti-social personality disorder and conduct disorder are related. Therefore, for a diagnosis of the disease to occur, a person must have qualified for a diagnosis of conduct disorder, which takes place at age 15(Johnston, Dorahy, Courtney, Bayles, and O’Kane 252). However, individuals who have the condition can be treated through therapeutic assistance. A counselor can assist the victims in controlling undesirable conduct and developing personal abilities they may lack(Johnston, Dorahy, Courtney, Bayles, and O’Kane 252).Since there are no approved medications for the condition, prescribed medication can be aimed at reducing aggressive behavior.

In conclusion, individuals born in families with a history of anti-social personality disorder are more likely to suffer from the disease compared to those whose families have no disease history. Nonetheless, individuals can seek therapeutic assistance to remedy the situation.Anti-social Personality Disorder Essay

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Anti-social Personality Disorder Essay


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