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Anatomy homework help

Anatomy homework help.          Formula sheet(Unit 3(

  1.  Sampling distribution of mean: = N(m, s/);

Mean = m,   new standard deviation for sample mean =  s/
is also called standard error for sample mean
To calculate percent or probability, use
Normalcdf(lower, upper, m, s/)

  1. Sampling distribution of proportion:  z =  ,

Mean proportion=p
Standard deviation of proportion =
Confidence interval for proportion : Stat, Tests, 1PropZInt
3.   Margin of error = E =
Confidence = Middle area,  = Invnorm(Left area, 0, 1)

  1.  Sample size n(How many?)

n =……..Take the next larger number.

  1. One sample proportion z test: Stat, tests, 1-PropZTest
  2. Student t-distribution for mean:
  3. Confidence interval for mean : TInterval
  4. Test of hypotheses for mean : TTest


  1. Comparing two groups:
  2. Comparing two proportions:

(i) Confidence interval: 2PropZInt
(ii)Test of hypotheses : 2PropZTest
b. Comparing two means:
(i) Confidence interval : 2SampTInt
(ii)Test of hypotheses: 2SampTTest

  1. Paired data:    =

Confidence interval: TInterval
Test of hypotheses: TTest

  1. Chi Square test:
  2. Goodness if fit test : df = n-1

Stat, tests,  GOF-Test    ——–   for column data    with  frequency

  1. Independence test

      degree of freedom = df = (r-1)(c-1);   [‘r’ means row  and  ‘c’ means
2nd Matrix, edit.  m x n
Stat, Tests,   Test     ———     for contingency table
Expected matrix:  2nd Matrix  edit  [B]
You need to calculate  expected matrix after you finish the test.
c.  Homogeneity test:  Same process as independence test
except the hypotheses ( ‘same’ or ‘different’
      Conditions / assumptions:
A). For proportion(z distribution)
Sample values are independent, randomized,
sample size is less than 10% of the population size,
np  10, nq  10 (Check this one)
B). For mean(t distribution)
Sample values are independent, randomized
Sample size is less than 10% of the population size
Distribution is nearly normal.
C). For  test:
The sampling method is simple random sampling.
The variable under study is categorical.
Observed values are counts
Expected values are at least 5.
Notes:  If (sigbnificance)  is not given, choose it to be 5% (.05)
If Confidence is not given, choose it to be  95%
If proportion is not given , choose it to be  0.5 (50%)
P-value <   , reject  H0
P-value  >   , do not reject  H0
Larger n,   smaller error. Smaller n, larger error
Larger confidence, larger error.  Smaller confidence, smaller error

Anatomy homework help


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