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Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions

Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions

There are many global problems which affect people and make them lead a certain way of life. Mostly, they are forced to live in fear because of the effects associated with the problems. The problems are categorized into political, social, cultural and environmental. These issues affect people in various ways, for example, leading a poor life or living with fear. Like other problems, amicable solutions are established to try and reduce or eliminate a particular problem. Solutions of the problems can either be long or short term depending on the magnitude.Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions


Social problems have a dramatic effect on people, especially on their life style and relationships in society. There are many social differences among citizens that bring about the issues to be discussed and find a long term solution to reduce or curb them. First issue is the children’s education. Most people value education so much and desire to have an opportunity to acquire it, but not all get the chance. While others try to seek for the opportunity, a large number of people do not get any chance. It is for a reason that poverty makes the ones already enrolled to drop out of school.

In a poverty ridden set up, there is a little number of educated people than in a developed one. This has an implication of crimes and poor living standards. The solution to this problem is that the government should come up with a budget, which subsidizes the education cost in favor for poor children. The government should also establish a program aimed at helping children living in poverty. This may include issuing of bursaries and grant scholarships. Upon implementing the programs, a large percentage should long for acquiring education.Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions

Addiction and drug abuse is another social challenge. Through research, it has been said that United States lead in drug addiction and abuse in worldwide. The research showed that 6% of population are participants of the social problem. This makes the government use billions of dollars in trying to solve the problem. The illegal drug trafficking happens to be of great returns, which attract many traffickers into the market. For this reason, the government has a huge task to protect its boarders in order to eliminate any illegal entry of trafficking syndicates. The solutions to this social problem can be educational courses on drug abuse during the early ages of growth in children. This will serve as a weapon to create awareness on the side effects of drug and substance abuse, thereby enabling them to make sound decisions on the same. Thus, the solution can serve as prevention measure rather than a cure. On the other hand, the government can come up with treatment centers to serve as a healing mechanism to those who have already been engulfed into the vice.Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions

Lastly on drugs, addiction counselling is highly important, since it serves as rehab centers and a problem solving place. The centers ought to be subsidized, possessing highly qualified and skilled workers or experts, who could help in advising and administering rehab programs.

In addition to social problems, there is unemployment. This affects quite a large number of citizens and its implications are highly felt. For instance, unemployed people are mostly idle, which makes them engage in vices of society like crimes and drug abuse. To curb unemployment, the government should start with the initial solution, which is engaging people in education. Through this, people will have little time left for any vices and make them suit the job market.

Secondly, another problem mentioned is the political aspect. This contains large number of problems, which solutions are a key to development of any nation. To start with, there are domestic policies such as corporate war against citizens, unfair tax systems and control of financial institutions. With the availability of these problems, the economic development may not be stable. It is for a reason that the citizens may not feel democratic, hence not able to work with the passion. In the pursuit of this, the government should make people experience democracy by employing a fair tax system among all citizens. Also it is needful to reduce much control of financial institutions, for instance enabling them give loans to lenders at a fair rate.

We also have military world domination, foreign wars and terrorism. United States being a super power is expected to have the most sophisticated weapons and military power. However, this has an implication of terrorism aimed at intimidating them. For instance, the bombing of the world trade center in the year 2001 claiming more than 3000 people becoming the most intense terror attempt in American history.Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions

Ethnic conflicts and multiculturalism are among the cultural problems, which should be eliminated. The United States carries a large number of ethnic groups which occupy various places. This brings about racial problems among the citizens with a particular group feeling superior over the other. It results in some group getting to isolate itself to gain some favors. The problem can be solved by giving each citizen equal rights and treating them with due respect. The president is from a black race, which gives an equal feeling of representation of the citizens from a black ethnic group.

The campaign against racial discrimination should be established to reduce vice. The United States carries a large number of immigrants in the world, and this makes it a multicultural nation which can be proud of representing many races. Various quotes about race should be spoken to give people information about the importance of becoming a discrimination free nation. Cultural diversity and sharing would act as a solution to cultural problems. It is for a reason that sharing of cultures among people gives them a chance to embrace it and become part of the ethnic group. It denies an instance of discriminating one another reducing the problem.

Environmental issue is another problem which cannot be over looked. Unlike other problems mentioned, environmental problems affect nearly all parts of the world, making it a global concern with a great magnitude. Its solutions lie on the people’s actions and economic aspect.Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions

The first point is global warming. It is a steady increase of earth’s temperatures comprising of air and the ocean brought about by the climatic changes due to air pollution. Mostly, global warming is associated with air pollution through smoke emitted from industries. At the earth’s space, there is a layer which prevents us from direct sun rays. When the smoke is emitted, it breaks the layer exposing the earth to the harmful rays. The solution to this is regulation of the amount of smoke generated to the air by converting it into carbon or liquid form to be renewed.


Water pollution is another environmental problem which should be addressed. This type of pollution affects mostly the aquatic life and makes water unsafe for human and animal consumption. For this reason, a solution should be available to eliminate or reduce the effects. The government should give an upper hand in conducting research and coming up with laws to govern environmental pollution; moreover, industries are to be fined if found generating waste products into water bodies. An effective drainage system ought to be installed to reduce polluted water generated to aquatic habitat. Sewages should be treated to eliminate water from dirt and the water cleaned for reuse while the waste product used as organic manure or fertilizer.Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions

Lastly, there is land pollution where by mining is conducted leaving the site dangerous for human settlement or movement. To reduce the vulnerability, it should be conducted in the absence of human settlement and movement, to further reduce the risk, machines other than human should be used in mining. In addition, there is the release of chemicals to land, especially from industries, hence this affect the fertility of the soil making it unproductive for farming. The government has to come up with policies aimed at protecting the land from the harmful chemicals. It could be done by educating people associated with the effects of the pollution, also by applying other chemicals which may reduce the effects of the polluted soil.

In conclusion, it is very clear that the world is associated with many challenges from different aspects like cultural, environmental, political and socio economic. Therefore, it’s our responsibility as individuals to come up with possible solutions to mitigate effects. This could be either realized through conducting intensive research and, to a large extent, the government’s involvement. Advocacy on Problems and Their Solutions



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