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Abusive Male Partners Sample Essay

Abusive Male Partners Sample Essay

Abuse can always be physical, emotional or sexual. Healthy relationships are characterized by trust, respect and consideration for the other party while on the other hand abusive relationships involves disrespect, mistreatment, intense jealousy and physical violence. It always proves to be an exercise in futility for ladies to abandon offensive spouses due to the following reasons.

Financial constraints is one of the reasons that makes it hard for ladies to abandon their offensive spouses. As a result, some of the women may have lost their jobs making the male partners the sole breadwinners hence hard for the women to move out due to lack of finances to cater for their daily basic needs (Sharp-Jeffs, 2015). Money to cater for the young kids in the family also makes the women to stick to their male abusive partners in avoidance of exposing the kids to abject poverty. Abusive Male Partners Sample Essay

Distorted thoughts also makes women stick to their abusive male partners. The feeling of being controlled and hurt is both heart-pounding and traumatizing at the same time which leads to self-blame and doubts. Perpetrators harass and accuse victims which lowers their self-esteem, causes despair and guilt. The victims always blame themselves for what is happening thinking they triggered the whole thing and hope their male partners will change positively making it hard for them to leave.


            Damaged self-worth as a result of degrading treatment makes more women feel beaten down and of no value. They are made to believe that they are worthless and alone thus making them have the guilty feeling of having done something wrong and thus deserves what is happening to them making it hard for them to leave. Abusive Male Partners Sample Essay

An honor society is a rank association that recognizes excellence among peers and different societies recognizes different fields and situations. Peers who demonstrate excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, character and leadership are honored.

LEAD conferences held makes it vital for the intervention of the US government. In this conferences the main aim is to improve the leadership skills and provide networking opportunities for peers across the country ( Robb, et al., 2016). By the government setting standards, the highest quality will be achieved and future visionary leaders will be developed for the better good of the country as a whole. Networking will also lead to interaction of like-minded peers who will exchange ideas which will impact positively on the country.


             In conclusion government setting standards will improve the quality of state summits held. Opportunities for students to participate in leadership sessions with state leaders will be taken to higher heights with the end goal being coming up with tangible solutions to real problems in schools and the society as a whole.


Robb, M., Fisher, M., Hopkins, E. E., Slade, J. D., Wasco, J. J., Spadaro, K. C., & Doas, M. (2016). honor society membership retention strategies:promoting membership benefits from induction through transition to professional practice. Research Gate, 18-23.

Sharp-Jeffs, N. (2015). A Review of Research and Policy on financial abuse within intimate partnerrelationships. London Metropolitan University, 1-28.

Abusive Male Partners Sample Essay


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